Actress Robin Riker – Ep050

To celebrate 50 SOCIALLY AWKWARD interviews, Evan ventures to the celebrity wing of his Facebook friends to interview Actress Robin Riker! A third-generation actor and veteran of TV, film and theater, Robin has seen it all and done it all, which is why she has a book out called A Survivor’s Guide To Hollywood – How To Play The Game Without Losing Your Soul. Robin also recounts getting started in acting, auditioning for her parents, arriving in Hollywood and how auditions have changed for her over the years. She was also “Sharon Potter” on one of Evan’s favorite shows, Get A Life, and they discuss the show, Chris Elliot and how one episode made TV Guide’s top funny tv moments of all-time! 

Robin and Evan then shift gears to talk about the direction of SAG-AFTRA and Robin offers her dismayed reaction to the recently passed TV/Theatrical contracts. Why does she think it’s the worst contract ever? And why was she against the merger? Robin lays out the facts and offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors’ union operates. And did I mention she is the same Riker that New York City’s Riker’s Island is named after? All this and even some Inside The Actor’s Studio questions. It’s more awesome than awkward for Episode 50!

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