Actor Steve Moulton – Ep007

Actor STEVE MOULTON (Sharknado, Waking, Impress Me) joins Evan for a massive nerd-out session. First, they discuss Steve’s movie credits and then Steve tells Evan how Kevin Smith played a role in his playing a clerk in Sharknado (12:25). They later talk Marvel superheroes and compare their meeting John Cena stories (18:54). Steve is also an avid fan of Disneyland so he offers some insider tips if you are thinking of going (27:39) and you bet he has an opinion on the Disney/Star Wars partnership as well as the new Star Wars movies (36:21). Evan then finds out more about Steve’s movie-centric podcast “View the Right Thing” (42:42) and finally, they lament on how difficult it is to keep up with all their favorite TV shows. #nerdlife 

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