Comedian Ryan Niemiller – Ep008

After kicking off the episode with a political rant (2:13), this week Evan gets lost in conversation with “The Cripple Threat of Comedy” Ryan Niemiller. Despite missing bones and fingers in both hands, Ryan has turned this supposed liability into an asset in his life and career (17:20), i.e. he can type really fast and play video games on 20 different consoles (11:20)!

Hear how Ryan got started in comedy (24:14), how he has incorporated his disability into his act (25:55) and even how one of his sets went viral! He also opens up about how it has affected his dating life (29:15).

Besides video games, Ryan is a HUGE wrestling fan (thanks to Doink) (35:55). He and Evan also get into the current state of WWE, Roman Reigns (48:33), PWG, Lucha Underground and NXT. Finally, Ryan and Evan each fantasy book themselves into wrestling programming.

Even if you’re not a video game or wrestling fan, this conversation will leave you hooked. (Pun intended.)

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