ESPN's 'Mike and The Mad Dog' 30 for 30 film to make its debut at Tribeca Film Festival (Mar '17)

Kickstar to Weber's Happening (Jan '17)

Edison State Brings Evan Wecksell to Campus (Oct '16)
Evan Wecksell Comes to Campus
(Jan '15)


Annual Lipsync Blends Past & Future (Oct '15)

Mike Francesa Fans Have a Frantastic Time at Francesacon (Jan '15)

Wecksell’s one-man show connects audience (Dec '14)

Comedian Comes to MU to Support Service Organization (Nov '14)

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Comedian Opens for Greek Week Bonfire (Apr '14)

Comedian and Bring Talent Challenges and Cash to College Campuses (Nov '13)

Singing Comedian to Perform on Campus (Oct '13)

Theta Chi Comedy Performance Raises Money for Cancer Research (Oct '13)

ew_logomuse'Muse Exchange' Recalls Long Island Poetry Scene from a Decade Ago (Mar '13)

2013 Brookfield High School Grad Party To Hold Musical Comedy Fundraising Event!
Brookfield High School (Jan '13)

Comedian Evan Wecksell Performs For An Intimate Crowd
Jacksonville University (Oct '12)

Comedy night raises around $2,000 for Parkinson's research
UPENN (Oct '11)

Evan Wecksell entertains with comedic songs UNO (Oct '11)

Maverick Productions Welcomes Comedian Evan Wecksell (Oct '11)

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Comedian Evan Wecksell Announces 2014 Cat's in the Cradle Tour (Apr '14)
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Musical Comedy Show Comes to NCTC (Feb '06)


"Evan is incredibly smart, charismatic and hysterical on stage. He is so easy to deal with, which is crucial in the comedy business... His comedy is original and he gets the job done."

- Jessica Kirson, Comedian/Producer, Gotham Comedy Club


"Evan Wecksell is a one-of-a-kind comedian and singer/songwriter. Every show is spontaneous and his visual expressions are something you don't want to miss. Very few performers can pull off what Evan does naturally - Pure entertainment!"

- Larry Oakes, Producer,


"Definitely an awesome show. I laughed my a** off!"

- Shaun D, Bryant University


"Evan is methodical about his approach to writing and performing, and is always looking to learn more. Couple that with a positive attitude and the fact that he's got a guitar, and it's just a matter of time."

- Steve Hofstetter, Comedian/Executive Producer, Laughs on FOX


"He's the funniest, most adorable guy ever!
If you've never seen him live, you are totally missing out!"

- Kelly Meyersfield, Actress/Singer/Songwriter



- Larry Oakes, Producer,


"Comedy that is funny, intelligent, a little poignant, and musical to boot."

- Craig Lincoln, Singer/Songwriter


"I loved his CD so much I put it into my I-Pod!"

- Thomas J Kelly, The View


".... the Stephen Lynch of the Long Island music scene."

- Aural Fix Magazine


"Evan's observational humor combined with his issue-focused cleverness explode into a cackling exercise for the listener who will no doubt miss a couplet or two having drowned out the CD with the sound of his own laughter!"

- Jennifer L. Pricci, Music Writer, Chorus & Verse


"Evan Wecksell is a sadistic, twisted bastard.
I think he is hysterical!"

- Harlan Friedman, Music Director, The Box 107.1


"Wecksell has a twisted mind, and a good sense of melody. I admire both of those traits."

- Richard Hughes, President, Long Island Music Coalition


"Evan is equal parts Stephen Lynch and Jerry Seinfeld:
stand-up and guitar-based comedy at its finest."

-Rick Eberle, The Downtown Concert Venue


"He's a brave, intelligent, handsome, kind, authentic & funny motherfucker."

- Seth Davis, Singer/Songwriter

"Evan performs smart, funny, timeless humor and happens to also be a great guy. I miss seeing him perform in New York, but he's making everyone in Cali laugh now! He's VERY talented you HAVE to see him perform!"

- Heather Caminiti, Comedian/Writer

"He brings comedy, talent and awe to all that watch."

- Crayon Media Productions


"I love me some Evan Wecksell. He's funny as s***!"

- Cathie Russo, Singer/Songwriter


"I haven't laughed like that in months."

- Tim Lackey, SUNY Stony Brook's University Cafe


Very powerful routine... Evan's style resembles
Jim Breuer's great comedy rock."

- Vinny DiMarco, Musician/Producer


"His facial expressions are priceless!"

-Andrea Walker, UCLA Radio


"Evan Wecksell entertains audiences. He makes people laugh. He makes me laugh. Isn't that just the point!?"

- Josh Hyman, Comedian


"I laughed so hard at his show, I was in tears!"

- Joe Herzog, Black Hills State University


"Where did I go wrong?"

- Evan's Mom