Joy Villa – Ep040

At the 2017 Grammys, Singer/Songwriter Joy Villa grabbed headlines when she debuted her Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” dress. The intense publicity immediately shot her “I Make The Static” album to the top of the iTunes & Amazon charts. It even debuted in the top 15 of the Billboard 200! Now Joy, also a Facebook friend of Evan, joins him on SOCIALLY AWKWARD!

Hear how her life is different since the Grammys (5:19), where is the dress now and whether Joy thinks 2015’s “The Dress” is black & blue or gold & white (8:30). Plus, Joy’s musical influences behind her albums (18:39) and what it was like walking in NYC for 10 hours wearing pro-Trump clothing in a social experiment that debuted on Fox News. (12:42) And in a Socially Awkward first, Joy and Evan discuss Scientology and how she knew it worked for her while keeping with her Christian beliefs. (22:00)

We’re changing narratives and shattering stereotypes on SOCIALLY AWKWARD!

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