Jennifer Berookhim / High School Reunion Recap – Ep060

Evan’s high school reunion came and went, and to break it all down he is joined by fellow attendee and Great Neck South Rebel Jenny Berookhim aka Jenny B aka Jennifer Soumekh. How did the 20-year compare to the 10-year? Who did they enjoy seeing? Who did they wish were there? What were the most popular questions of the night? Evan and Jenny are dropping names, giving shoutouts and plugging some of their class’ businesses. And to Evan’s delight, Jenny reveals that she is a big WWE fan! Also, what’s next for Jenny, the time they ran into each other on 9/11 and special bonus stories about tormenting their 8th grade English teacher as well as the day their 9th grade Biology teacher flipped off the entire class.

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