Evan’s Dad – Ep011

With the help of Facebook friend/sister Wendy Wecksell, Evan interviews his dad. What does Donald Trump have to do to win his Republican dad’s vote? (4:30) Who’s on his Mount Rushmore of Republicans? (7:29) We also get his take of world affairs, Brexit, his disdain for GPSes and meeting Mike & The Mad Dog. (10:14)

Evan also asks Dad for his opinions on texting, Lady Gaga and Charlie Rose while uncovering his surprising gambling history! Evan also coaxes his dad to rank his kids in order, or at least as drivers. (23:03) And what is his dad’s concept of Uber? We then wrap up with why he is so fascinated with World War II, and what is his advice to millenials?

The awkward was definitely at a modest boil throughout. Enjoy!

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